Will In-Game-Ads get more money and reach by Googles initiative?

Pre-Game and In-Game-Ads are gaining potential reach with Google.

To be honest neither the Google product nor the story is new, but the idea of casual games and ads always lacked scale, due to standards across publishers. I thought a couple of times about fixing this problem by starting my own business some years ago. Now if someone can fix the scale problem, it should be Google.

If they manage to get enough inventory on board, this tool is very interesting, especially for video placements, as casual games are “safe” high reach environments, and not user generated content areas with lots of natural breaks to place ads in that don’t prevent content/ game usage.

Plus: Casual games offer some hard to reach demographics and mindsets – e. g. not only teenage freaks, but women and especially moms, do play those games a lot, too.

I think we should give casual games a try – which adformats are tight for those games in order not to interrupt and break the experience? tbd.


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