MTV Launches First Ads on Premium Mobile VOD » Adotas

MTV Launches First Ads on Premium Mobile VOD » Adotas

Mid and longterm ad supported Mobile VOD is definetely a thing we will see a lot around the world. I am curious how this service will be accepted by users and media shortterm.

Interesting too, which ad formats will be emerging alongside the video content and who will sell the ads in the new business model, too…I wonder if the MNOs will play a bigger role in advertising than today.

As videocontent on mobile data pipes is quite expensive today, I don’t expect to see billions of views off deck in the next 6 months.

Updates with numbers will follow – in Mobile Video Ads part II…as soon as available.

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Mobile Advertising is already happening…having a closer look to Japan

Just stumbled over this on – This presentation by Infinita gives a very good impression of how far Europe is lagging behind the existing opportunities in mobile internet experience and mobile advertising available today.

Think it is about time for me to go to Japan and experience the difference live…

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